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Lab Alchemy

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Introduction [Aug. 29th, 2006|09:38 am]
Lab Alchemy
Hello and welcome,

This Live Journal Community is devoted to the study of traditional Lab Alchemy. The Hermetic Art of Alchemy is a real tradition with a fascinating history of practice which continues to the present day. Though many online study groups are speculative, the instruction I will provide is practical. Members will be required to have or obtain basic lab equipment and a space available to do the work. Very little equipment is actually required to begin in comparison with modern chemistry. Though prior scientific knowledge or lab experience is a plus, it is not required.

In this Community, Alchemy is understood to be the physical component of an Esoteric Science - Alchemy does not consider the Universe to be a collection of inert elements which combine accidentally, but rather a phenomenon which is governed by specific intelligent laws. Therefore it is with adherence to Esoteric (Hermetic) views and philosophies that this subject will be discussed and handled here.

How to Join
When applying to join lab_alchemy, please write a full description of your interest in lab Alchemy, and your background in esoteric and/or scientific study and practice and email it to this address. Only serious inquiries will be considered.